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Hello 2018

Another year begins.  I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions.  I find that stating something that emphatically is a recipe to fail.  It seems like that is how it works for me anyway. So I make a list of goals for the year. Things I want to work towards.  I may not accomplish them all but,  I always learn something about myself in the process. That growth is sometimes more valuable to me than the goal itself.

This year is a big one, I turn 50 this year. That is crazy isn’t it?  What is even crazier is that I am a 50 year old college freshman, with a 4 year old child.  What that means is that a lot of my goals involve being more organized. We are renovating Miss A’s bedroom.  That means downsizing and organizing her things.  She is so very excited about her “big girl room”. I also want to finally get rid of all the clothes that are in my closet that I am never going to wear again.

Like everyone does I have goals to eat better and exercise more. I also would love to spend more time on my hobbies, especially knitting.  Just in general spend more time working on myself.  I would like to have more date nights with the hubby too.

Of course I also want to get good grades in my classes. I want to remember to appreciate everything I have including this amazing opportunity to learn and grow. Not just on these lazy reflective days but also on the days when I am trying to make dinner and study and keep my little miss entertained.  I want to remember to be grateful on the hard days too.

How do you commemorate the new year?  What do you want to accomplish? Leave me a comment.


Just Stuff.. · Momming


I have been exhausted this week it is midterms at school.  That means I spend most of my time studying.  Of course my four year old doesn’t understand midterms she just knows that she wants Mommy to play with her.  I am going to go do that now.  Before I do this weeks entry stems from a paper I wrote explaining a process.  I wrote about dressing a toddler.  I am sure all you moms out there will recognize this.  Have a great weekend.

Before dressing a toddler, it is always a good idea to have all the supplies laid on in a convenient location, such as, the toddler’s bed.  Next it is best to warn the toddler, you should say something like, “after breakfast we are going to go get you dressed.”  At this point the toddler will gobble down the rest of her breakfast jump up from the table and run to the playroom.  Follow the child to the playroom.  Say, “Remember, sweetie it is time to get dressed.” Then say, “Ok, you got to play a little now let’s go get dressed.”  Repeat these two phrases approximately three to five more times.  Then, lift the child and carry her to the bedroom.

Now that you have the toddler in the bedroom remove the child’s pajamas.  She will then run through the house, without any clothes, laughing and screaming, “Naked, Naked, Naked!” Chase the child through the house. Trip over the cat and twist your ankle.  Limp into the playroom.  There you will find the toddler playing naked.  Say to the child, “It’s time to get dressed!” She may look at you confused like she has no idea what you are talking about.  Pick her up and carry her back to the bedroom.

When you get back to the bedroom sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to distract her while you wrestle her into her undergarments.  Next pick up her pants.  The toddler will begin to wail.  Ask the child, “What’s wrong?”  Between sobs she will say “I don’t want to wear pants, I want to wear a dress.”  Put the pants away. Take out the blue dress with the teddy bear on it.  The toddler will continue to wail. Say, “I got you a dress.  What’s wrong now?” She will say, “I don’t want that dress, I want the yellow ladybug dress.” Explain to the child that the ladybug dress is a sundress and it is forty degrees outside.  Advise her that if she wears the ladybug dress she will freeze.  The child will argue that the teddy bear dress is not pretty enough. Tell her that the teddy bear dress is the prettiest and point out that the teddy bear is wearing a sparkly pink bow.  Put the dress on the child before she changes her mind.

Now grab the child’s tights quickly, before she runs off again.  Ask her to sit on the bed. Then pick her up and sit her down on the bed.  Slide the tights onto the child’s left foot and pull them up to her knee.  Slide the child’s tights onto her right foot and pull them up to her knee.  Notice that she has taken her left foot out of the tights. While keeping a close eye on her right foot, put the tights back on her left foot and pull up to her knee, stopping as necessary to keep her from pulling her right foot out.  Pull the tights up to the child’s waist.

Now all that is left is shoes.  Put the child’s left shoe on.  Now, she will likely throw herself on the ground screaming, “I want to do it.”  Take the child’s left shoe off. Give it to her.  Wait, in approximately forty seconds, she will throw the shoe and exclaim, “I can’t do it!”  Pick up the shoe, put it on her right foot.  Put the left shoe on the left foot.  The child will now immediately run back to the playroom.

You are finished. You will probably need a rest.  Make yourself a cup of coffee, congratulate yourself on a job well done and relax.  That is when you will remember that you must do it all again in just ten hours.


Getting it All Done

My Day Timer.

Or  at least remembering it has to be done.  I don’t know about you but my biggest challenge as a wife,  mom, and student is management. Just keeping track of it all, schedules, assignments, appointments, it can be quite overwhelming. Some moms use digital calendars, to do lists and reminders to keep them on track. That is a fantastic strategy if it works for you. I find that it is far too easy for me to ignore digital reminders especially if I am busy. I also tend to remember things better if I write them down.  So I use a paper calendar. If you are on Pintrest you have probably seen posts about bullet journals. They are beautiful but far to elaborate for my needs. I do use bullet journaling techniques and ideas but in a way that works better for me. If you have a method that you like to use to remember everything, by all means use that! If some of my tips and techniques can help add them to what you already do. 

The first thing that is important about keeping a calendar is you have to use it. Everyday. Digital or paper be sure it is easy for you to get to and use.  Secondly keep only one, I know it is tempting to keep one for work or school, one for the kids activities etc. I find that things get missed that way. If everything is in one place you will never forget something because you forgot to look at the right calendar. Now if you use a digital calendar on your work desktop that is fine,  but merge it with you home calendar so that you can have everything in one interface. Another part of using it daily is keeping it handy. My calendar is fairly large but I carry it everywhere. (Big purses are the best!) Keep it with you, and put things in it right away. If you wait until later you will forget something. 

I personally use Day Timer’s Mom Planner. It is hard to get refills for and every year I threaten to use something else but it really is the best for my needs. It has plenty of room to write and spaces for menu planning and to do lists.  It is 5×7 inches and that is a convenient size for me. Like I said earlier, this isn’t an ad just use whatever works for you.  Few other things to try that may help you manage your family a little better. I color code family stuff is always pink. My classes are color coded too so I can see assignments at a glance. I do use the bullet journaling technique for to do lists. Things to do have a dot in front of them. When they are completed I make the dot an X. If I want to move them to another day I put an >. Then when I am planning my day tomorrow I move them. That’s another great technique, look at it EVERY night and EVERY morning. 

I hope these tips help you get your life and your  family more organized.  I still forget things sometimes, but keeping things in one place helps a lot. 

It doesn’t have to be neat. 


Newest little bunny

I promised an update and more exciting things this Summer. The hooligan and I had a baby bunny on 6/25 she is beautiful.


I don’t want this to become a “mommy blog” but I am sure Little Miss will show up in posts on a regular basis. Since I am home on leave for most of the summer I hope to be adding recipes and other projects too.