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Too many cukes

There seems to be an over abundance of cucumbers in my area. Friends are gifting garden cukes and there are some in my CSA. So I wanted to pass along a quick cucumber recipe. I don’t much feel like making pickle right now, but this is easy and delicious.
What you need:
3 or so large Cucumbers
16 oz plain Greek yogurt
4 oz Feta Cheese crumbled
Juice of one Lemon
2 or 3 big Tablespoons of Dill chopped or dried

What to do:
Slice the cucumbers thin I don’t peel them. You can if you want to I think they hold up better not peeled.

Mix all the other ingredients in a very large bowl and toss the cucumbers to coat.

If you can make it the day before and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.

That’s it so simple and so very good. I could eat this all the time.
Try it and let me know how it works for you.

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So much to talk about

There has been so much going on here at the rabbit hole.  CSA, garden,  homemade ice cream, stitch and bitch, Dilly Beans and other fun summer things too.

Out first CSA has been so much fun.  The Hooligan and I both like to improvise when we are cooking.  So, a bag full of produce some of which we have never cooked before is a blast for us.  We have roasted  kohlrabi,  and sauteed greens of all kinds. One night I had golden raspberries and fresh cream for dinner.   We put roasted garlic scapes in mashed potatoes.  Lots of awesome food and it really is so much fun!  Our CSA farm’s website is here Eve’s Corner Garden if you are in New Haven County and are thinking about a CSA next year think of Eve’s.  We really like them.

Our garden has also been giving us plenty of produce. I am having better luck with my squash this year. Last year I had an issue with my squash plants that I later found out was powdery mildew. I saw a little this year too but seems to have beaten it.  I am still not getting as much squash as I would like too but doing much better than last year.

My tomato’s and peppers that both got off to a rough start are doing fantastic.  I have lots and lots of plum tomatoes coming in about a pound a day.  Also have grape and beefsteak tomatoes coming in. I am also getting peppers in now and I have the cutest little bell peppers too.

In other news the Hooligan has been making homemade ice cream and so far this year we have had chocolate with chocolate covered blueberries,  blueberry, Maple chocolate chip and chocolate raspberry.  They are so rich and delicious.  Maybe I can talk him into doing a guest entry about ice cream making.

I made Dilly Beans!! They look great and we are going to open our first jar tonight at Stitch and Bitch here is a picture:

Dilly Beans!!

I will let you know what everyone thinks of them.

We pickup another CSA this week and I will let you know what we get and what we do with it.  Leave me message and let me know what you are doing this summer.

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Hand issue, CSA and garden happenings

It seems like it has been so very long since I have posted.  My hands are doing a lot better now that my Dr has started me on the new anti-inflammatory. So typing is much easier.

Lots of exciting things going on here.  We pickup our first mini CSA on Sunday June 24th.  We have been promised garlic scapes and snap peas.  I foresee a wonderful stir fry in our future .  I have never cooked garlic scapes before but I am very excited to try them!  I have been researching recipes online and have some ideas.  I hear they are wonderful in mashed potatoes!

The garden is coming along wonderfully we are starting to see blossoms on the green beans and squash.  I already have tomatoes!  Also our cherry tree has fruit  and our mullberry bush is overflowing with berries!

As for projects I just finished a “backup” sock monkey for my nephew who gets rather unhappy when “monk” has to be cleaned.  I am also working on a throw for my couch in a beautiful oatmeal yarn that is wonderful but gets boring sometimes.  So when I get bored of the same pattern,  I am also knitting up little hats for all the new babies that our friends are having.

Things are great here in the rabbit hole.  Leave me a message and let me now how your summer is going.



Hey how is your May going? I get so excited this time of year. My vegetable garden is planted and things are growing. It’s getting warmer and there are so many things I want to do. Day trips and bike rides. Ice cream to make and a beach cover up to knit. I am a little side lined this year though because I am having some trouble with my wrist. The Dr thinks it’s carpal tunnel syndrome. That means that my blogs may be a bit shorter because I am actually typing them on my phone. It hurts less this way. I am going to try to write more often though. So you should leave me a message and tell me what you can’t wait to do now that spring is here.


Tomatoe Fail

I am in the middle of my first garden fail of the year.   Way back in March I planted my pepper and tomato seeds. The plants sprouted just fine and everything was going the way it should.  Then there was Bijou.  Bijou is a 16 year old cat who came into my life when he was a 3 week old kitten and maybe gets away with more than he should.  He  decided that tomato seedlings that are sitting on a sunny windowsill made the perfect cat bed. so he curled up on them for a nap.  Needless to say he killed all of then.  I decided I would try again since I still have a few weeks before the danger of frost has past.  So far one has sprouted.  Looks like I am growing tomatoes from transplants this year.  Lesson learned?  Stick toothpicks in starter trays to make them uncomfortable.

What have you failed at recently? What did you learn from it?  Leave me comment and let me know


Arrgh! and seedlings

I wanted to do longer post this week about my garden plans and learning to knit cables. Instead our car dropped dead. So I’ll mention that having one car is awesome 99.9% of the time. Now is the 0.1%.

In other news the tomato and peppers seeds I planted are pretty much all sprouted already. I am hoping that is good omen for my garden this year.

I am going to take my foul mood elsewhere now. Next week is Stitch and Bitch so I’ll share what everyone is making. I’ll also tell you all about Corned Beef Ravioli, with mustard sauce. So be sure to tune in.

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Blogs I Heart and Other Stuff Too

We have recently been making a lot of updates to our apartment.  We added a little butcher block island to our kitchen which really makes it easier to cook and keep my kitchen clean.  I love it.  Speaking of cleaning you should check out One  Good Thing by Jillee her blog is lots of fun and she often makes her own cleaning supplies. I actually discovered it through Offbeat Home which, quite frankly you should already be reading.

I have also just signed up for my 2012 CSA. CSA stands for community supported agriculture. What that means is basically I pay for a share of a local farm and I get a share what they grow in a season. I pay for my share up front which covers overhead and I get know where my food is coming from and support my local farms. Yay!!  We got half a share which means starting in June we will get a share every other week till late September or Early October.  I will post our shares when we start to get them. I am also hoping to do some canning with some of what we get in our shares and what we get from our garden.  Oh and there is a canning blog I heart too.  It’s called Food in Jars and if you are interested in canning at all you should read it.

That is it for this week.  Next week, I will have 2 vegetarian recipes for you a Jambalaya and my grandmother’s awesome Escarole and Beans.  So tune in for that one.





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Failure, Pests, and Chicken Soup

It’s started to feel like the end of summer here at the rabbit hole.  My tomatoes and peppers are coming in nicely, and taste great.  I didn’t do so well with the squash.  It seems to have succumbed to some sort of mold.  I have white spots on all the leaves.  I am still getting flowers but,  no squash.  So I will, have to try again next year.  That’s really the point of this blog.  To keep doing it, even when it doesn’t work out,  because the learning is half the fun, and nobody REALLY wants to be Martha Stewart anyway. That’s an awful lot of pressure.

Speaking of those household things that go wrong lets talk about bugs.  Nobody likes them or wants them in their house but sometimes they show up.  So I have an all natural pest removal tip for you.  This tip  comes courtesy of Plunder Bunny, who is a pretty fantastic,  crafty,  geek-chic,   homemaker herself.  It concerns fruit flies.  To get rid of the nasty little critters she puts out a shallow bowl of balsamic vinegar with a couple of drops of dish detergent in it.  She covers the bowl with some plastic wrap and pokes some holes in the wrap.  The flies attracted by the vinegar fly in,  get trapped and meet their doom.  So simple yet so genius.

The Hooligan has come down with a terrible summer cold.  So I decided to make him some chicken soup.  A friend of ours asked me to post the recipe so here it is..

What you need:

A Chicken – A whole soup chicken is best but chicken parts will work too

Carrots – About a pound

Turnip – One medium or two small

Parsnip – Two or three

Onions – Two or three

Celery – One rib

Parsley – fresh is best about a cup

Salt and Pepper

Rice or noodles or what ever you like in your chicken soup

What you  do:

Roughly chop one of the onions,  and the heart of celery.  Put chicken in a big pot with the onion and the celery and some salt.  Cover it with water.

Put it on high heat for about an hour till the chicken has cooked through.  Take it off the heat and let it cool a bit.  Remove the solids from from the broth.   Put the broth back on the stove and shred the chicken,  discard the bones and everything else.

Put the chicken back into the broth,  chop the rest of vegetables and the parsley and add them to the pot too.  Add some more salt and pepper.  Let that cook over medium heat for another hour or so till all the vegetables are tender.

Cook the pasta or rice,  but don’t put it in the soup.  Put it in the bowl,  and pour the soup over it.  If you put it in the soup it will soak up all the broth.

It’s super yummy and the best thing for a husband with a terrible cold.

That’s is for this time, leave me a comment and let me know what you are making this week.