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Hello 2018

Another year begins.  I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions.  I find that stating something that emphatically is a recipe to fail.  It seems like that is how it works for me anyway. So I make a list of goals for the year. Things I want to work towards.  I may not accomplish them all but,  I always learn something about myself in the process. That growth is sometimes more valuable to me than the goal itself.

This year is a big one, I turn 50 this year. That is crazy isn’t it?  What is even crazier is that I am a 50 year old college freshman, with a 4 year old child.  What that means is that a lot of my goals involve being more organized. We are renovating Miss A’s bedroom.  That means downsizing and organizing her things.  She is so very excited about her “big girl room”. I also want to finally get rid of all the clothes that are in my closet that I am never going to wear again.

Like everyone does I have goals to eat better and exercise more. I also would love to spend more time on my hobbies, especially knitting.  Just in general spend more time working on myself.  I would like to have more date nights with the hubby too.

Of course I also want to get good grades in my classes. I want to remember to appreciate everything I have including this amazing opportunity to learn and grow. Not just on these lazy reflective days but also on the days when I am trying to make dinner and study and keep my little miss entertained.  I want to remember to be grateful on the hard days too.

How do you commemorate the new year?  What do you want to accomplish? Leave me a comment.



Starting Over

I have decided to start blogging again.  I actually never decided to stop blogging, I just got overwhelmed.  After I had Avery in 2013 I went through some post-partum anxiety and it got too hard to keep up with the blog.  Then it seemed like too much time had passed.  I’ve decided to start again now because I feel like I am at a place of new beginnings in my life. I got laid off last from my job November. It was actually a wonderful thing. I got the chance to stay home with Avery for a while. Now I am a college student,  it is exciting but,  brings a whole new set of challenges to our lives.

The format of this blog is going to be a little different I am still going to post,  recipes, projects and tips so if you loved that stuff it will still be here.  I will also be posting about going back to school.  Time management,  or as it is known in my house, how am I going to do all this? Raising a preschooler,  my anxiety, and just how I feel about everything in the world.  I hope that you can get to know me a little better. Stick around it should be fun!