Starting Over

I have decided to start blogging again.  I actually never decided to stop blogging, I just got overwhelmed.  After I had Avery in 2013 I went through some post-partum anxiety and it got too hard to keep up with the blog.  Then it seemed like too much time had passed.  I’ve decided to start again now because I feel like I am at a place of new beginnings in my life. I got laid off last from my job November. It was actually a wonderful thing. I got the chance to stay home with Avery for a while. Now I am a college student,  it is exciting but,  brings a whole new set of challenges to our lives.

The format of this blog is going to be a little different I am still going to post,  recipes, projects and tips so if you loved that stuff it will still be here.  I will also be posting about going back to school.  Time management,  or as it is known in my house, how am I going to do all this? Raising a preschooler,  my anxiety, and just how I feel about everything in the world.  I hope that you can get to know me a little better. Stick around it should be fun!




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