CSA Goodies

Last week we picked up our first mini CSA.   We got some basil,  lettuce,  garlic scapes, and sugar snap peas.

Basil went into fresh pasta sauce.  Had some tonight with meatballs.  It was pretty yum.

Garlic scapes went into mashed potatoes on top of  cottage pie for Ryan’s birthday dinner.  The leftover scapes went into stir fry more about that in a minute.

Lettuce was Monday’s lunch.

A lot of the sugar snap peas went into my mouth raw with mustard vinaigrette. The rest went into beef stir fry with the left over garlic scapes and assorted other vegetables.

We pick up our next CSA on Sunday. I’ll let you know what we get. Also there are tomatoes and tiny adorable fuzzy green beans in the garden too.  I see Dilly Beans in my future!

What did you cook this week?


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