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Hand issue, CSA and garden happenings

It seems like it has been so very long since I have posted.  My hands are doing a lot better now that my Dr has started me on the new anti-inflammatory. So typing is much easier.

Lots of exciting things going on here.  We pickup our first mini CSA on Sunday June 24th.  We have been promised garlic scapes and snap peas.  I foresee a wonderful stir fry in our future .  I have never cooked garlic scapes before but I am very excited to try them!  I have been researching recipes online and have some ideas.  I hear they are wonderful in mashed potatoes!

The garden is coming along wonderfully we are starting to see blossoms on the green beans and squash.  I already have tomatoes!  Also our cherry tree has fruit  and our mullberry bush is overflowing with berries!

As for projects I just finished a “backup” sock monkey for my nephew who gets rather unhappy when “monk” has to be cleaned.  I am also working on a throw for my couch in a beautiful oatmeal yarn that is wonderful but gets boring sometimes.  So when I get bored of the same pattern,  I am also knitting up little hats for all the new babies that our friends are having.

Things are great here in the rabbit hole.  Leave me a message and let me now how your summer is going.


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