New Car and Spring Cleaning

Hey there readers we are no longer carless! We have purchased a 2012 Subaru Impreza  its wonderful and shiny.

Speaking of shiny. It’s getting to be spring cleaning time.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorite cleaning “weapons”.

Microfiber cloths – I use these for everything!!  From getting all those fingerprints off my smart phone to getting the little hairs out of my bathroom sink.  They are also fantastic for dusting.  Especially if you have cats.

Method Wood for Good – This is the best way to clean wood furniture and floors too.  It makes everything all nice and shiny and it smells like almond too.

As a matter of fact I am a big fan of other Method products too.  Including their dishwashing liquid in Clementine and all of their Mint scented bathroom cleaners. On top of all all of that wonderfulness all Method products are non toxic.  So check them out I am sure you will love them!

Mr Clean Magic Erasers – If you aren’t  using these yet they are perfect for getting scuffs off of your kitchen floor.  I also love them for cleaning dirty fingerprints from around light switch and for cleaning my stove top.  Also no chemicals at all, what more can you ask for?

Hand knitted dish cloths – A few months ago I found this great cotton yarn for knitting dish cloths the yarn was pretty inexpensive and they were fun to knit up.  More than that they are wonderfully “scrubby” because of all the bumps.  If you knit you can  find lots of patterns online.  Get some cotton knit some and see what you think.  They would also be adorable in a basket of goodies as a wedding shower or housewarming gift.

So readers let me know what is in your spring cleaning arsenal?

PS. On the subject of things that brighten my world.   Lots of thanks to all the family and friend who helped with the car situation.   Especially MK47,  Tee, Vixen,  Lizard, Mr Cook and Aunt Pat. You guys are awesome and we heart you.


One thought on “New Car and Spring Cleaning

  1. based on your enthusiastic review, I found some cotton yarn and knitted myself a dishcloth. it’s fantastic! very scrubby and pretty and I like the idea that I’ve made something useful. (it helps that they knit up really fast too!)

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