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Blogs I Heart and Other Stuff Too

We have recently been making a lot of updates to our apartment.  We added a little butcher block island to our kitchen which really makes it easier to cook and keep my kitchen clean.  I love it.  Speaking of cleaning you should check out One  Good Thing by Jillee her blog is lots of fun and she often makes her own cleaning supplies. I actually discovered it through Offbeat Home which, quite frankly you should already be reading.

I have also just signed up for my 2012 CSA. CSA stands for community supported agriculture. What that means is basically I pay for a share of a local farm and I get a share what they grow in a season. I pay for my share up front which covers overhead and I get know where my food is coming from and support my local farms. Yay!!  We got half a share which means starting in June we will get a share every other week till late September or Early October.  I will post our shares when we start to get them. I am also hoping to do some canning with some of what we get in our shares and what we get from our garden.  Oh and there is a canning blog I heart too.  It’s called Food in Jars and if you are interested in canning at all you should read it.

That is it for this week.  Next week, I will have 2 vegetarian recipes for you a Jambalaya and my grandmother’s awesome Escarole and Beans.  So tune in for that one.






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