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Thanksgiving, Cookies, Craft Projects and More Craft Projects.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Things are busy here at the Rabbit Hole.  we are getting ready for next weeks  Cookiemeggdon.  Let me explain how that works I invite a bunch of friends over,  I ask them each to bring the ingredients for one cookie of their choice.  Then we spend all day baking and gossiping and laughing and everyone goes home with lots of different kinds of cookies.  It is lots of fun, and lots of work but totally worth it.  This year I am making Ginger Snaps, I will post the recipe next week.

Speaking of food last Thursday was Thanksgiving, my husband is a born and bred New Englander, you know the kind, from an old New England family.  He has VERY definite ideas of how Thanksgiving should be done.  He has posted his rules for Thanksgiving in a very funny and profanity ridden post you can find it here .

Projects?  Why of course I have projects going on.  I just finished embroidering a tie with the Nerdist logo.


I am also working on at least 2 knitting projects that I hope to finish to give as Christmas gifts and the tote bag I started to embroider for myself weeks ago still isn’t finished either.

Oh and I bought some Meyer lemons to preserve that should be complete and ready to post in next weeks entry as well.  Like I said there is lots going on here, but it is all good, happy, creative stuff and that’s the best way to be busy.

Have a great week!

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Giving Thanks or It’s All Gravy

Another week is over already seems like 2011 will be over before we know it. Had a productive week spent a lot of time working on my highly unattractive knitting project. It started out to be a scarf but it has ended up being a very crooked blanket for my cats. I think I was a little over zealous but I got a lot of practice with a knit stitch. I will try to make a scarf again when I work on purl. It just goes to show you that even when things don’t work out the way you want them to.  They are still worth doing, if only for the lesson on what not to do next time.

Seth and I made a turkey for this weeks family podcast dinner. (Really it was mostly Seth)  I did make gravy though and since Thanksgiving is this week I thought I would share my method for lump free gravy.

I tend to make gravy in the pan I roasted the meat in I just put it over two burners on the stove, but,  you could move all the drippings to a sauce pan.  I just hate having to wash extra dishes.  Ok so lets talk about how to do this. Heat up the pan drippings until they are hot. This is important because if  you add the flour to the fat before the fat is hot the flour with lump up. When the drippings are hot add the flour about a 1/2 a cup at a time. Stir it constantly that is very important too.  Keep adding flour stirring until you have the consistency of thin paste, think white glue. It should also be a light tan color. Turn the heat down to low.  Now start to add the liquid. I use a combination of broth and white wine, but just broth is fine too. Add the liquid slowly still stirring till the gravy is a little thinner than  you actually want it. Now taste it and add salt and pepper. Let it simmer for five minutes. That’s it! Really easy right? And so nommy on your smashed potatoes.

One more thing before I close this entry I wanted to mention some of the things I am thankful for this year.  Monday family podcast dinners. My family in general because they are awesome. Especially the family we have built, you know who you are. I am thankful for the little humans in my life. Watching you grow and discover the world is the awesomest thing and it brings me so much joy. I am thankful for my son who is still discovering the world himself even though he is a great big human. And yes, it’s still awesome to watch too. A special note to my wonderful hooligan of a husband. Every single day I am thankful for you, it was worth the wait. I love you.

One last thing I am thankful for, the opportunity to share the things I am passionate about so, thanks for reading.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Weddings and Birthdays and Snow Storms Oh My!

So much has been going on here at the rabbit hole.  Two weddings, a new nephew,  our first anniversary and my birthday, with karaoke.   Also craft projects, lots of Monday night family podcast dinners and a snow storm.

There was a snow storm here in New England on Saturday the 29th of October.  October is a little early for snow even here in the frozen north.  As a result much of Connecticut was without power for days and in some cases over a week.  We were very lucky we did not lose power though much of our town did and a lot of our friends didn’t have power for days.  We had our friends here nearly every night charging cell phones and keeping warm, it was like a week long epic sleepover,  and mostly I was just glad I could help them out when they needed it.

About my lack of posts lately,  I have set a personal goal to update at least once a week likely on Fridays.  I am trying to get posts written ahead of time so there won’t be anymore long gaps.  Maybe you will forgive me if I tell you about the projects I’ve been working on.

Secret Project X – A gift for my friend Jeri.  Jeri is a Shakespeare scholar  and maybe a tiny bit superstitious.  She refuses to say the name of the play “Macbeth” out loud, because it is considered bad luck in the theater.  If someone else says Macbeth she will respond with the phrase  ” Angels and ministers of grace defend us.”   So as a gift I stitched the “Angels and Ministers” quote on a canvas  (yes, and actual artists canvas).  Sort of like an old fashioned sampler.   I have never stitched on canvas before, it’s a little bulkier to work with and the needle has to be very sharp to get through the fabric.  Other than that it was just like stitching on a hoop and actually easier than things like tote bags that have less room for your hands to move around.  I did the entire thing in a satin stitch and it came out pretty good.  Here’s a picture of Jeri with it.

In other news got some awesome home crafty books in the last few weeks, one filled with canning recipes from my awesome husband.  Canning is one of the projects I have been dying to take on.  I am thinking of doing salt preserved lemons first.

The other book is a beginners knitting how to book.  I am teaching myself to knit.  So far?  My stitches are terribly uneven and I am clumsy at it, but I think I am figuring it out.  I promise to post picture of what are sure to be my less than beautiful results.

That’s it for now, leave me a comment and let me know what you are working on.  What you’ve made or what you want to learn.  And have an awesome weekend!