Hooligan’s Awesome Pulled Pork and Other Obsessions

Lately I have not been posting enough. I  have had lots of other things going on. Hockey games,  podcasts, addiction to a certain series of fantasy books, a new tattoo, killer boots, dancing with my girls, parties, summer.  I would promise to be better about posting but I am pretty sure that will just come back to bite me in the ass, so I won’t.

I promised you the recipe for the Hooligan’s awesome pulled pork.  I know that our friends love this recipe and it is so easy to make, but it takes a while so plan for that.  Here’s what you need:

A big hunk of pork,  we use pork loin because it is very lean.

Ginger Ale a 2 liter bottle

1 Onion cut into big chunks

2 cloves Garlic finely chopped

7 Allspice berries

10 Whole peppercorns

3 Cinnamon sticks

1 Bottle of barbecue sauce whatever kind you like

You will also need a crock pot,  these are useful appliances.  So get one.  Or just borrow one for the day,  your mom probably has one.

OK so put the Pork, Onion, Garlic, and Spices into the crock pot, cover with the Ginger Ale .

Put it on high for about an hour, then turn the pot down to low for another 5 to 6 hours.

Now check it.  It should kind of fall apart when you pull at it with a fork.  If it doesn’t leave it in for another hour or so and check it again.

When it’s ready pull it out of the pot and use two forks to shred it.   Smother it with the barbecue sauce put it on some yummy buns and feed all your friends.

Super easy, right?  If you don’t feel like sandwiches you can also use it as a pizza topping. Or as filling for quesadillas. Or for something I haven’t thought of yet.

I mentioned other obsessions in the title.  Lately I have my completely enthralled with the idea of community vegetable gardens. I have been reading about community garden programs in other states and trying to figure out how to bring the idea closer to home.  The growing season is fairly short in Connecticut,  but I really think the idea could take off .  Especially in a lot of the towns and cities the have lost their industries and have empty space in their downtowns.   If any of my readers know of any programs like this going on in CT.  Or want to help me start one.  Or even just have some ideas please let me know.  I’d really appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Hooligan’s Awesome Pulled Pork and Other Obsessions

  1. I never had/found reasons to purchase a crockpot…until now. Thank you for experimentation and posting the recipke: -) I wonder if you could make delicious pho using a pressure cooking pot. Ethyl Sperier

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