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Computer Management for Everyone

My real job is answering the phone and helping people get their computers online. I have been working in the computer industry for over ten years.  As a result, my family and friends often come to me for help with their computer issues.  You may not have a tech around but,  there are some things you can do to keeps your computer running.  Also if you have a problem regular maintenance will help your tech get everything back up and running faster and easier.

1. Have Antivirus software and keep it up to date.  Most people actually do this one.  There are many good antivirus programs out there pick one and use it.  when it asks you to update take a few miutes to do that.

2. Have a firewall and use it. If you turn off your firewall every time you go online,  it won’t protect anything.

3. Backup your data. If you think you may want a file later, back it up. you can use an external drive, an online backup service, or another computer.  If you don’t backup your files and you lose them, it is not your tech’s fault.

4.  Restore points.  Every now and then save a restore point on your computer. do this at least once a month.  Also create a restore point before you install ANY software or hardware.  That way if the new program or device messes up you computer, you can go back to before you installed it.

5. Use secure passwords.  If your passwords for everything are password, or you dogs name, change them.

6. Downloads.  If you are stealing files from the internet and you get a virus,  I really have no sympathy for you.  Sorry.

7. Secure your wireless.  That way when your neighbor downloads all 27 High School Musical movies, Disney and you ISP won’t come after you.

8. Be smart. If something seems sketchy, don’t click on it.

This is by all means not a complete list.  Just some basics everyone can and should do to keep their computer running.  besides if you do all these things then your computer geek friends will be much more likely to help you if something goes wrong.


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