Growing herbs

In my last post I mentioned growing mint, like I said then mint is super easy to grow.  Most herbs are pretty easy to grow.  Plus, they don’t take up very much space.  So if you live in an apartment and always wanted to garden, growing herbs is perfect.  I almost always have at least mint and basil on a windowsill.  Just make sure you plant your herbs in good potting soil.  Makes sure the container is big enough to give the herbs room to grow.  I find a five or six inch pot works just fine.  Put them in a really sunny windowsill. Water them about every other day.  For fertilizer, save your coffee grounds and egg shells. (Another great use for those take out soup containers.)  Shake it once a week or so.  Every 8 weeks mix a couple of Tablespoons in with the soil.  As for using them just pluck off leaves as you need them.  Once you start cooking with fresh herbs you will love it.  Also, don’t feel bad if you occasionally kill a plant.  I do that too.


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