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Alabama Dinner Party, A Pretty Cool Book and New Projects

Last night, I went to an awesome dinner party that my best friend threw as a benefit for the Alabama Tornado victims. I just wanted to mention how much I love this idea. We all brought donations to help the victims and ate a wonderful southern feast. The menu included, pulled pork, black eyed peas and collard greens, corn bread, and ice box cake for dessert. Jay did a great job. This is one of those ideas I really think needs to be stolen. So, if there is cause you feel strongly about, make some great food and, invite your friends over.

Also yesterday, my wonderful hooligan of a husband gave me the book Generation T by Megan Nicolay. If you’re like me, one of those punk rock girls who never got over cutting up her T-shirt’s this book is for you. It’s got a bunch of great projects so that you can keep wearing that old much loved t-shirt or turn it into something entirely new. Since we all have old t-shirts stuffed in our drawers all the projects are inexpensive, maybe even free! What’s cooler than that? I hope to do my first project from the book this week, I’ll make sure to post some pictures when it’s done. I am also looking forward to making pillows, tote bags (even one of my own design), and eyeglass cases from my old tee shirts.

Speaking of eyeglasses, one quick tip for my cool girls who wear glasses. When I was a kid, my optometrist told my I should always clean my glasses with dish soap. He explained that dish soap was made to clean the very materials glasses are made of and, to remove oils like the ones in your skin. Just soap them up with your hands rinse them in warm water and dry them with a lint free cloth. I swear, you will never use glass cleaner to clean your glasses again.

I think I may have another recipe for you next time and, maybe some notes on tonight’s karaoke birthday party.

(don’t you love teasers)


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